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Build interactive Web3 experiences that engage your community across games, collectibles, loyalty and more.

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Nifty's Studio
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Super fun

Engage and reward your community with fun, innovative distribution, game and loyalty mechanics -- turn your NFTs from pet rocks into rocketships.

Super easy

Customize and deploy advanced distribution, game and loyalty mechanics for new or existing NFT projects with just a few clicks — no rocket science required.

Super powerful

Publish with one click or cut and paste Web3 experiences right into your existing web page — or leverage Nifty's robust APIs to build your own white-labeled Web3 experience.

Fun and accessible
for users of every skill level

Users can connect with a Web3 wallet or email address, pay with crypto or credit card, transact gas-free across Ethereum, Palm, and Polygon and interact with fun, innovative experiences with a simple UI/UX.

Powered by nApps

Nifty's innovative distribution, game and loyalty mechanics are powered by our proprietary NFT applications or nApps. nApps are always fully customizable, interoperable across blockchains, accessible to use and easy to deploy.

Code redemption
Multi-chain packs
Active check-in
NFT modification
On-chain loyalty points
Collect to earn
Loyalty point store
More coming soon

Supercharge Your Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs can be complicated and impersonal. Nifty's lightweight, on-chain loyalty solution turns digital collectibles into loyalty points and membership passes that unlock benefits, rewards and experiences.

Gamify Your Collectibles

Create a gamified collectible project for your community where users collect digital items and participate in fun activities to earn rewards and upgrades. Rewards can even include options to turn physical items into digital ones and vice versa!

Mix and Match
Make it your own

Create a custom program or experience by combining and customizing different nApps. Start small and build over time – or jump head first into the deep end!

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