You searched the train and faced danger to find the briefcase. Head to this secure location to open it and discover what fortunes await. If you’re lucky enough to receive a Ransom Money NFT, your handler will be reaching out in the future to request your help with Assignment 3.

Continue collecting weekly briefcases to increase your standing in the Assassin’s Guild and I’ll be in touch about your next assignment.

Good job finding a working phone. Your next assignment starts now. I’ve left a briefcase for you on the train, but you’ll have to search to find it. Collect weekly briefcases and I'll be in touch soon with how to open them.

I'm having trouble reaching my network of Assassins. You need a secure, working phone so I can contact you about your next assignment. Find one by checking in daily for four days straight to be rewarded and advance to a Novice Assassin.

The time has come. Are you ready to begin your journey? If you're up for it, the boarding has begun.

Join your fellow recruits among the ranks of the Assassins' Guild and await your first assignment.

Join Today

Is this channel secure?

Listen carefully. I’ve got details for you about an exciting opportunity. I’m recruiting only the most cunning of assassins to join the End of the Line: Assassins’ Guild. Meet me at the station on 9/29 to start your journey to becoming a Supreme Assassin.

After joining, head over to Discord to meet other assassins. I'll be in touch soon with your first assignment. Each one you complete will help you rank up as you compete against your fellow assassins for rewards. Think you’re up to it? Details here

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