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Board this fast-paced, two-part NFT experience! First, eligible Bullet Train ticket holders will receive a free Momonga mascot NFT, then we’ll bring the film to life through anime-style assassin avatars.

Punch your ticket for the Bullet Train

We’ve brought the adrenaline-racing adventure of the film Bullet Train to Nifty’s. First, eligible moviegoers got the chance to collect a free Momonga mascot NFT. Now, prepare for the next leg of this journey: Assassin Avatars recruitment for the Assassins’ Guild. Once you join the guild, you’ll complete assignments issued by your handler to level up your standing within the community from Recruit to Supreme Assassin.
Punch your ticket for the Bullet Train

Why join the Assassins’ Guild?

In addition to bragging rights within the community, we have amazing rewards prizes for the top assassins after the end of our initial rewards period, including the “Bullet Train: The Art and Making of the Film” book signed by the director and producer of the film, collectible vinyl figures, copies of the key art tie-in edition of the original Bullet Train novel, and official movie posters.
Why join the Assassins’ Guild?


The time has come. Are you ready to begin your journey? If you're up for it, the boarding has begun.

Join your fellow recruits among the ranks of the Assassins' Guild and await your first assignment.

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Listen carefully. I’ve got details for you about an exciting opportunity. I’m recruiting only the most cunning of assassins to join the End of the Line: Assassins’ Guild. Meet me at the station on 9/29 to start your journey to becoming a Supreme Assassin.

After joining, head over to Discord to meet other assassins. I'll be in touch soon with your first assignment. Each one you complete will help you rank up as you compete against your fellow assassins for rewards. Think you’re up to it? Details here

Assassin’s Journey

Assassin’s Journey


Assassins exhibit specialized skills and have mastered the art of stealth. It’s time to put those skills to the test. Recruit an Assassin of your own and answer the call of your handler to begin this high-speed NFT adventure. Your handler will provide assignments, which are vital to your journey from Recruit to Supreme Assassin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the End of the Line: A Bullet Train NFT Experience program?
Nifty's and Sony Pictures Consumer Products are launching an exciting two-part NFT experience inspired by the film, Bullet Train. The first part delivers free NFTs to eligible moviegoers. Then, after the film’s release, we’ll bring the film to life through an assassin avatar program. Fans will be able to take their assassins to the next level through exciting activities as part of a gamified program on the Nifty’s platform.
When can I mint my Assassin NFT?
The sale for Assassin Avatars begins in September and they will be minted on Ethereum. The Momonga mascot NFTs, which were available during the film’s opening weekend, will also be available for purchase on the Secondary Marketplace.
How many Bullet Train Assassin NFTs are there?
There will be up to 10,000 Bullet Train Assassin avatars in the collection, featuring varied attributes like headwear, hair, clothing, and weapons, as well as some Elite Editions. Approximately 2.5% (250) of the NFT’s will be withheld for use in community activities, giveaways, customer service resolutions and promotional purposes.
What's next for the End of the Line: A Bullet Train NFT Experience program?
Ready to join the action? Join our End of the Line community on Discord to stay up to date and prepare for your first assignment shortly after the Assassin avatar sale.
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