Sale is over

Thanks for participating. There are no more Shark Week NFTs to be minted, but you can browse the marketplace on Nifty's to complete your collection.
July 2022

Shark Week NFTs

Nifty’s and Discovery have partnered to give Shark Week the NFT treatment with Shark Card NFTs. The collection will feature 5 premium Shark Card NFTs available for purchase as well as 7 claimable NFTs. Fans can acquire these claimables through a special QR code shown every night of Shark Week starting Sunday, July 24 on Discovery. Make sure not to leave any of these elusive creatures behind: collecting all 12 NFTs will unlock exclusive Shark Week rewards

July 2022

Collect to be a part of shark conservation

Warner Bros. Discovery will donate five thousand dollars to Beneath the Waves.

Collect them all

There are 12 Shark Week NFTs to collect

5 NFTs to buy

From July 20-31 purchase your randomized Shark Card NFTs through the primary sale. To complete your Shark Week collection, you can also grab any sharks you've missed on the secondary marketplace.

7 NFTs to claim for free

Tune in to Shark Week on Discovery every night from July 24-30. When Bob the Shark reveals the QR code on your TV, scan it for a free Shark Week claimable NFT to add to your collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shark Week NFT program?
Nifty’s and Discovery have partnered to welcome Shark Week fans into Web3 with the launch of a new, two-part NFT program created exclusively for shark lovers: 5 Shark Card NFTs available for purchase ($10) and 7 free claimable Shark Card NFTs for viewers who tune in during Prime Time Shark Week.

Each of the designs feature the most-loved marine predators, and will be minted on the eco-friendly Palm Network. Shark Week NFT program participants who collect and hold all 12 NFTs during the snapshot on August 15th will be eligible to redeem exclusive Shark Week rewards.

I can’t see my free Shark Week?
Delays are completely normal and are sometimes even anticipated! As demand on the Palm network increases, processing times on the blockchain will take a longer period of time. The delays are caused by a backlog of transactions and also pushes up transaction fees as demand outweighs supply.
How do I purchase a Shark Card NFT?
Here are the ways you can purchase your Shark Card NFT:
Using DAI
Credit or Debit card
MoonPay on the secondary market
The mint price for Shark Card NFTs will be $10. All Shark Cards will also be available for purchase on the Secondary Marketplace.
How many Shark Card NFTs are there? How are they distributed?
The Shark Card NFTs are open-edition, meaning there will be no total maximum quantity until the sale closes on July 30th. In the primary sale, there are 5 different shark species that will be randomly distributed. The 7 additional claimable NFTs available for Prime Time Shark Week viewers, will feature a new shark each day of Shark Week, and after 24 hours, each Shark Card will no longer be available to be claimed. All 12 cards can also be purchased on the secondary market throughout the program.

Approximately 50 of each Shark Card NFT will be withheld from the initial sale for use in community activities, giveaways, customer service resolutions and promotional purposes throughout the project.
How do I claim the free Shark Card NFTs?
Tune in to Shark Week on Discovery from July 24 to July 30. When you see information about the NFT pop up on screen, scan the QR code using your phone and follow the instructions to reserve a free Shark Week NFT. It will take up to 24-48 hours for your NFT to appear in your collection. Claimable NFTs will be limited to 1 per user, available for 24 hours only, and open-editioned—meaning there will be no total maximum quantity. After the 24-hour period is over, that daily claimable will not be available anymore.
What’s next for the Shark Week NFT program?
On August 15, Nifty's will take a snapshot of wallets holding Shark Week NFTs and users who collect and hold all 12 cards (5 Shark Week specific cards + 7 claimable species cards) on August 15 will receive access to exclusive Shark Week merchandise.
How many NFTs can I purchase?
Nifty’s users are limited to purchasing 10 Shark Card NFTs per transaction, with no limit on total transactions. Additionally, Shark Week viewers can claim 7 additional NFTs (1 per day) by tuning into daily Shark Week programs from July 24-30 and scanning the QR code that appears on their screen.
© 2022 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
© 2022 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.