10,000 Unique Works

Damien Hirst
The Currency

The first NFT collection by Damien Hirst. Reimagining the way NFTs are used.

"The Currency is an artwork, and anyone who buys it will participate in this work, it's not just about owning it. It is the most exciting project I have ever worked on by far."

Damien Hirst

About the Project

HENI is delighted to present The Currency, the first NFT collection by Damien Hirst.
Reimagining the way NFTs are used, The Currency is a collection of 10,000 NFTs
which correspond to 10,000 unique physical artworks which are stored in a secure
vault in the UK. The works are now brought to life through their launch on the

Starting with the creation of the physical artworks in 2016, The Currency explores
the boundaries of art and currency—when art changes and becomes a currency,
and when currency becomes art. Successful applicants will all initially receive
NFTs. Ultimately, you have to decide between the digital NFT or the physical
artwork, both of which are artworks in their own right. Whichever you pick,
the other gets burned.

The collection is on the Palm blockchain, which is a new token-powered ecosystem
for NFTs connected to Ethereum. It is 99% more energy efficient than proof of
work systems such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. It also has low gas costs and fast
transaction finality.

The collector decides how to use their art/currency.
Keep it, trade it, change it, use it, enjoy it.

Now Available On

Nifty's Marketplace

Nifty's users can buy and sell their Damien Hirst NFTs directly from their profile pages, and every NFT for sale will be discoverable on Heni’s profile page.