Asia Johnson - Freedom Unfathomable
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Asia Johnson - Freedom Unfathomable

8 formerly incarcerated women stand hand in hand in an open field. Between them they have spent collectively 50 years incarcerated. They stand in white to symbolize the peace and flight of the dove. Standing in this open space outside together represents freedom that was unfathomable inside. Each woman had to stay in a 6 x 8 foot cell, in California 8 women are put into one cell. This work is about women rediscovering their voice in a system that was meant to silence and forget them.

Been Free: Incarcerated Artists NFT Project is created in partnership with Hillman Grad’s co-founders, Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani, and Huma House, a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles that supports the needs of currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people through art and creativity. Been Free elevates the work of four artists, Kenneth Webb, Gary Harrell, Asia Johnson, and Kush each who have experienced incarceration and have embraced the power of art to tell their unique stories.

    • Artist Asia Johnson
    • Curator Lena Waithe
    • Charity Huma House
    • Publisher Hillman Grad
    • Medium Video
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