Mark Moore
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Mark Moore

This portrait features Mark Moore: music producer, DJ, and founder of dance music act S’Express.

This Other Eden is a limited-edition digital portrait series, conceived by Temporal Shift. It features 27 LGBTQ+ creatives from the worlds of music, fashion and arts captured by British photographer Luke Nugent and animated by Max Resolution. It is being released during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022.

The proceeds from the sales are split between the featured subject and The Outside Project, London's LGBTIQ+ Community Shelter, Centre and Domestic Abuse Refuge.


Photography: Luke Nugent

Animation: Max Resolution

Music: S'Express

Project Make-up & Hair Director: Callista Lorian

• Edition of 10

• 3200 x 4000 px. mp4

• Primary sale purchasers will be posted a reward of a signed and numbered Giclée print

    • Charity The Outside Project
    • Photographer Luke Nugent
    • Animator  Max Resolution
    Available on PALM
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